Meet Chris Maskevich ‘11

Chris Maskevich '11 graduated from Ohio State University in 2014, earning a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Operations Management. Now working with his second warehouse as Operations Manager for ODW Logistics, his dedication to his career and the Ohio Gamma chapter are evident throughout his journey.

Before stepping into his current role in 2022, Chris worked in a variety of different supply chain roles for companies including Con-Way Freight/XPO LTL (Freight Operations Supervisor), Network Global Logistics (Senior Warehouse Supervisor), Ryder Supply Chain Solutions (Customer Logistics Supervisor), and Gardaworld Cash Transportation (Operations Manager and Customer Logistics Manager). “I grew with companies where I could, and took opportunities where I could,” says Chris of his career path, “Recruiters reached out to me, and I only hoped to try to take a better opportunity for my growth – be it location or title wise.” 

Outside of work he enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, and reading novels and self-improvement books.

Chris’ proudest achievement, however, is being able to give back to his chapter and university after everything they’ve given to him. “After coming close to death in 2011 and being forced to take two quarters off, I didn’t expect to be welcomed back with such open arms,” says Chris, “I expected to be forgotten, just as I had forgotten so much as a result of my injuries.” He feels most rewarded when providing guidance to his younger Brothers as they go through similar experiences, letting them know they aren’t on an untravelled path and offering his help wherever he can.

During his undergraduate years, Chris served as Ohio Gamma’s Risk Management Chairman and was involved with Club Volleyball and the BBQ Club on campus. “Sig Ep is an extended family. We all have a connection to try and grow relationships with – whether it’s an alumni we haven’t met before or a current Brother,” says Chris of what the chapter means to him, “Some of the most incredible people in my life have come from the Brotherhood, and I never want to leave.” 

He gives the following advice to any younger Brothers: “The time goes by extremely fast. It is very easy to get caught up in wanting to make sure you do everything. Find that middle ground to ensure you have a balance in enjoying life and making sure you get the grades you’re looking for. Too much in one direction or the other will cause an impact, and make you think you’re ‘missing out’ or ‘failing to live up to standard."