Save the House Update - Brother Ken Butler ‘70 to Match the Next $10,000 In Donations

Brothers, thank you so much to those who have sent a donation.

For those who have not, as an added encouragement, Brother Ken Butler ‘70 has offered to match donations made between now and the end of January, 2021. He will match total donations up to $10,000.That’s a generous gesture on Ken’s part. So if you were planning to donate or just thinking about it, now is a good time do so. Let’s get all of Ken’s money!!

We would really like to increase the number of alumni who donate and perhaps the first request for $250 was seen as an obstacle for some. So please donate whatever you can. We will recognize all donors in an upcoming newsletter when we hit our goal. (Name only, not an amount!)

You can donate on line at for a fully tax deductible contribution, if you itemize. If you don’t itemize, because of the Cares Act of 2020, you can still deduct up to $300 if you donate by the end of the year. Remember also that a donation of $75 will automatically make you a member of the OSU Alumni Association and the opportunity to order 2 tickets for a football game next fall. Optimistically, we see some hope for a “normal” fall of 2021 with the vaccine. There are indications the students will be able to get the vaccine in the spring. So we may also be able to attend football games!!

I have heard from some that they will have their company process a matching gift to our scholarship fund. I appreciate that information and want to remind everyone if you have that option, please process the necessary form.

If you have processed a matching gift, and have not already told me, please do so soon. I always see the matching amount come in but it is in the name of the company that matches or the company that processes the payment.

We do keep internal records of giving by individual, so if you let me know of the match I will be sure you get the credit. You can email me at: [email protected].

Thank you for remembering the company match, it adds a significant amount to our fundraising goal.

The undergrad leaders elected this past November are quite committed to recruitment and filling the house. We see this as a two year process to make the house self-sustaining again. The men have an action plan in place to build the chapter size to 70 by 2023. Our goal for men living in the house fall of 2021 is 20. The goal for fall of 2022 is 25.

While the house will hold 35, we can function well with 25. In 2018, we dropped our arrangement with OSU to manage the house. We chose instead a local property manager, Jay Kerr. Jay is the principal of Arx Real Estate and also manages the Beta house at a fraction of the cost we paid OSU. Jay is very responsive and protective of our house.

We are also pleased to report that a few brothers stepped up and donated direct to our AVC account for house maintenance. The house needs exterior painting badly and the volleyball court area is a mess. So these brothers have agreed to take care of those upgrades and have also provided enough to cover other repairs/upgrades that may come along in the next year.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. We are close to our financial goal and the undergrads have a good plan. Together we can get Sig Ep back to the premier fraternity at OSU!

HFF, John C.J. Waggoner’70