Cease Operations order


On behalf of our AVC leadership group, I’m sad to report that we have experienced a rules violation with the chapter and our fraternity Headquarters has issued a Cease Operations order.

The violation is the establishment of a “slush” fund by some of our undergrads which was used to purchase excess alcohol at off campus annex parties. Sig Ep and OSU-IFC rules do not permit slush funds and the slush funds also indicate that more alcohol is being consumed at parties than is acceptable.

From here, the AVC and Headquarters staff will complete an investigation to confirm the number of brothers involved and the length of time this fund has been in place. The quick action on behalf of the AVC leadership and the undergrads who brought this to our attention is a very positive result. We are also fortunate there were no accidents or injuries, but the element of trust and accountability has been seriously violated.

We have notified the proper parties at OSU and they will support us in our efforts to ensure a safe and successful SigEp experience.

Many thanks to our AVC President, Mike Repasky, and Chapter Counselor, Rob Jech, who stepped in to oversee this situation and took a lot of time away from their jobs.

While this is very disappointing, we can grow from it and make us stronger in the future. We will keep you posted as we learn more throughout the coming weeks.

HFF, John Waggoner