2018 Golf Results


Brothers and Guests

Thanks for participating in our 2018 Sig Ep Golf Outing. The weather was fine for the first 13 holes but many of us got wet in the final 5 holes.  However, everyone was able to finish the round.  We were able to raise $545 through your generous purchase of mulligans and contributions of all the prize money by the winning teams which will be sent to the OSU Sig Ep Scholarship Development Fund

We also want to thank the Undergraduate Brothers who participated in this year’s event and took the time out of their busy schedules of getting ready for the start of the 2018-19 school year which begins shortly.

We have a new winner this year which is the Joe Whittaker team and his partners Bruce Zion, Andy Katterjohn, Andy Gates and Stetson Miller with a first-place score of -7.  Congratulations!


We have a tie for second place between the Bob Barnett Team supported by Tac Berry, Ken Misener, and John Waggoner and the Mike Lockwood Team with Larry Bond, Jim Crossley and Chuck Downing.  Both teams ended up with -6 and 24 putts.  Ironically these two teams were the oldest teams participating which once again proves that you are never too old to play a game of golf.  Admittedly moving to the forward tees helps the old guys and the fact that the Lockwood team had a “young gun” who could mash the ball a long way did help significantly.



We also had 3 individual skill shots that were supposed to be awarded on holes #4, 14 and 18.   Now our exceptional Executive Director of our Alumni Volunteer Committee (AVC), John Waggoner, was assigned the task of placing the markers on these holes since he was in the first group.  He failed to do so but finally realized the error in his ways, so all the skill shots had to occur on the last 2 holes the group played.  The winners were Long Drive #9 were John Waggoner, Longest putt made #9 – Bob Barnett, and Closest to the pin first shot #8 - - Andy Katterjohn but special mention also goes to Dale Berlin who though he should have won on the original 14th hole.  I wonder if the fact that Barnett and Waggoner finished before the rain started had anything to do with winning 2 out of the three skill shots?

We did have a vote and decided that we should return to again Glenross next year so plan on coming on August 17, 2019.  Thanks again for your participation and contributions and Go Bucks!!!



Mike Lockwood

Jim Crossley

John Waggoner