January Chapter Update

(Originally sent January 7, 2019)

Brothers, we wanted to provide this latest status regarding our undergrad chapter:

The Grand Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon’s National Board of Directors has reviewed the situation and subsequent investigation at the Ohio Gamma chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, discussed the organization's priorities, and passed a resolution to continue operations at The Ohio State University under different operating circumstances. The University has also concurred to the plan.

Effective January 1, 2019 the Board has assigned the charter of the OH Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon and authority over all operations to an Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) headed by Rob Jech, Brent Osborn and CJ Waggoner.  

CJ Waggoner is a 1970 graduate of OH Gamma, volunteer for nearly 20 years, and the current Executive Director of the Alumni Volunteer Corporation.  Rob is the current Chapter Counselor and OH Gamma alumnus.  Brent Osborn is a 2009 graduate of Ohio Gamma and a former Lt. District Governor with extensive experience supporting chapters throughout Ohio. 

The AAC will maintain authority over the chapter’s charter, all operations, and all membership decisions until the National Board of Directors approves the transfer of the charter back to the undergraduates.  Effective immediately, all undergraduate members are temporarily suspended from the chapter. 

The AAC, along with additional AVC members, will conduct a membership review of all undergraduates the weekend of January 11th through 13th.  Each member will have the opportunity to interview to rejoin the chapter. Members who demonstrate a willingness and interest in a fraternity experience aligned with the Balanced Man Program and the fraternity’s values will likely be invited back.  That process will be complete by January, 20.

After the completion of the membership review, the chapter will resume limited normal operations; chapter meetings, challenge meetings, intramural involvement, etc. As normal operations resume, changes to the bylaws and operating procedures will be implemented to improve criteria for better occupancy of the chapter house, member development, risk management and recruitment.  

Should a member living in the chapter house not be invited back, the University and the Alumni-Volunteer Corporation will support the transition to alternative housing.  Upperclassmen in this situation can elect off-campus housing or University housing.  Sophomores in this situation will be required to move into University housing or into their parents’ home. This transition will occur the weekend of January 25.

Our National Headquarters and the University have both been extremely helpful during this period and have extended a number of adjustments to our programs and procedures to allow us to continue operations on campus with a smaller chapter for spring and fall semester in 2019.

We will continue to update you on the status but we are quite pleased to be able to continue operations and support the men who want to be involved in maintaining the values of our Balanced Program.

Thanks to all who have provided support and well wishes during this period of adjustment. 

Happy New Year! 

John Waggoner '70